wedding catering in fort worth texas

Catering In Fort Worth – Ultimate Guide 2019

Wedding Catering In Fort Worth

One of the most important aspects of a wedding celebration is good food. People tend to remember a wedding if something sticks out, and no couple wants to be remembered as the wedding where food was terrible.

Dallas has been one of the most sought after wedding destinations due to the variety of great wedding locations. It’s no surprise that Dallas wedding caterers are also experiencing a boom in their businesses.

If you just got engaged and are looking for a wedding catering service in Fort Worth, you can check out one of the best in the city below.

wedding catering in fort worth texas

Spiced Lavender Fort Worth Wedding Caterer


Nina Sagoo is a Chef & Caterer whose jovial and hard working nature has made her a success in her field. As a child she was often taught how to cook by her mom & grandmother in Kenya.

From the age of 7, she was always in the kitchen whipping up a pound cake or new recipe from her mom’s collections. After obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science at the University of North Texas, the kitchen captured her heart once again. Having never attended culinary school, Nina stumbled upon her passion while filling in for a prep cook position at Mi Cocina’s – Fort Worth.

She, then, took her skills to Jon Bonnell’s Waters – 7th street with the encouragement of one of her managers. After some time at Chef Bonnell’s restaurant she was offered a position with Stephan Pyle’s at Stampede 66. In Dallas, she trained with incredible chefs and learned an exponential amount of skills while entering the catering world with two successful companies. After a few years in Dallas, her hometown reeled her back in as she took over the executive management position at Donatella Trotti’s, Nonna Tata, on Magnolia Ave.

She has worked through numerous kitchens, perfecting and learning culinary trends, while studying the art of cooking & catering. After two years of simultaneously managing Nonna Tata and learning the trades of the culinary world, she decided to open her own company, Spiced Lavender. No matter how big her crowd, she prides herself in being able to cook with fresh ingredients & herbs for every single client.

As of recently, Nina continues her research & recipes to provide ample options for her carnivore, pescatarian, vegan, & gluten free guests. Every guest should be accommodated no matter how finite one’s diet may be. Here at, Spiced Lavender Catering, you will find styles such as buffet, à la carte, live cooking, and anything you can cook up in your mind. From Indian inspired dishes to more American classics this is the home of robust flavors & true diversity! Source.

Mexican food catering in Fort Worth

Mexican food has been popular all over the world due to its unique flavor and vibrant appearance. There are many types of Mexican food, and Fort Worth folks have grown to love the cuisine.

Mexican dishes are also known for their spicy taste. People also love the use of healthy ingredients that come from almost all the food groups.

BBQ Catering Fort Worth

The old traditional way of meat preparation has made Texas BBQ famous. The Lone Star State makes BBQ bigger and has a signature style that sets it apart from other locations.

The first thing that you will notice is the choice of beef over pork. Texans genuinely believe that a well-cooked beef bbq packs more flavor than other types of meat.

Most bbq masters still cook over wood fire than gas or charcoal. The fires burn slow and low, which makes the cooking last for up to 20 hours.

If you are looking for a unique bbq catering service in Dallas, you can check a good one below.

Hors D’oeuvres Catering Fort Worth

A party is always known for finger food. Hors d’oeuvres are bite-sized items that are served before the main course. They usually go with cocktails and are served on trays or at a table.

Cocktail parties are the popular events where these appetizers are served where a full dinner is not part of the menu.

Guests should be provided with a small plate and napkin so they can enjoy their hors d’oeuvres and disposal should also be taken into consideration.

Eating is done while standing and mingling with other guests.

Looking for a catering service in Dallas that specializes in hors d’oeuvres? Check out Lush Catering.

Christmas Catering Fort Worth

Christmas is that time of year when we celebrate with good food and great company.

Feasting is common practice during the holiday season with families setting up Christmas trees as part of the tradition.

Everyone expects to have a grand meal to share with friends and family. The Christmas meal is made up of snacks, drinks, and a main course that is fit for a king.

In the past, families would be found slaving in the kitchen so they can serve their guests on this special occasion. The good news is, seasoned caterers can now do the preparation and cooking for you.

Restaurants That Cater In Fort Worth

From being a cowboy country, Dallas has blossomed into one of the fastest-growing cities in  America today.

The dining scene is also on an upswing with various restaurants offering diverse cuisine and catering services.

Many restaurants are now reaching out beyond their establishments to build their business. It is now common for restaurants that cater in Dallas to offer both in house and off-premise catering services.

The off-premise catering industry is growing at a fast pace, and many restaurant owners have taken notice. They now bring their food to their customers instead of waiting for them to visit them.

Lunch Catering Dallas

Boxed lunch catering is becoming a trend nowadays in Dallas. The days of sitting alone at your desk while eating your lunch are over.

This fabulous idea of lunch catering can be quite a team-building experience. Taking a break with office teammates can build team morale and increase office productivity.

You can now enjoy a meal with your team by availing of lunch catering services in Dallas.

Get on-time delivery, yummy food, with set up and clean up all included so that you can focus on the business at hand.

Boost that team spirit now by having lunch together using a lunch catering service.

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Corporate Catering Fort Worth

Business owners impress clients and employees by holding office lunches, business dinners, or holiday parties.

Companies would always want to push their respective brands. This is why choosing a caterer that reflects your brand is essential.

Bad food can pull down your brand image and harm your company as a whole.

When you need to provide food and drinks for a business, choose only the best Dallas corporate catering services.

Catering is one way to reward your team for a job well done. You can also use the event to bring in new talent and impress prospective clients.

How much does it cost to hire a caterer in Fort Worth?

In the United States, event catering will cost you between $500 to $5000 based on the size of the party and catering services required.

Full-service companies can come up with a custom menu using your ideas. They will provide food and hospitality for various events like birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, holiday parties, company lunches, corporate events, baby showers, and all other events that you can think of.

Professional caterers can take your event to the next level. Food quality and excellent service are what you can expect during your party, and your guests will surely remember.