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Ultimate Guide To The Best Catering in Dallas 2019

Best Catering Dallas 2019

Wedding Catering Dallas

One of the most important aspects of a wedding celebration is good food. People tend to remember a wedding if something sticks out, and no couple wants to be remembered as the wedding where food was terrible.

Dallas has been one of the most sought after wedding destinations due to the variety of great wedding locations. It’s no surprise that Dallas wedding caterers are also experiencing a boom in their businesses.

If you just got engaged and are looking for a wedding catering service in Dallas, you can check out one of the best in the city below.

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Wendy Krispin Caterer

Wendy Krispin Caterer has been in the business of providing Dallas residents great food, staff, and events planning services since 1992.

They are more than capable of making your dream wedding come true. Their team specializes in making your wedding stand out from the rest.

Some of their proud clients include companies like American Airlines, General Motors, and H & M.

They cater to almost 75 weddings a year, and experience has taught them to get better as time goes by. More customers keep on booking them for weddings as the years pass.

The Dallas community has shown their appreciation for Wendy Krispin Caterer as their caterer of choice.

Mexican food catering Dallas

Mexican food has been popular all over the world due to its unique flavor and vibrant appearance. There are many types of Mexican food, and Dallas folks have grown to love the cuisine.

Mexican dishes are also known for their spicy taste. People also love the use of healthy ingredients that come from almost all the food groups.

mexican food catering dallas texas

Authentic Mexican cuisine is laden with avocados, tomatoes, limes, beans, and tasty meats. They serve as a complete meal that provides all the daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, and protein for everyone.

We share with you a Mexican food catering provider in Dallas. 


An award-winning Mexican restaurant that has been serving Dallas with authentic Tex-Mex cuisine for over 20 years.

Recipes are taken family traditions that are over fifty years old. They can cater for weddings, corporate meetings, rehearsal dinners and more.

They are known for serving large portions and good food and drinks. Four banquet rooms are available plus an outdoor patio that lets customers soak in vitamin D.

A full-service bar, fruits, and a chocolate fountain will greet you once you enter the establishment.

Book them now and get a Mexican experience that you will never forget.  

BBQ Catering Dallas

The old traditional way of meat preparation has made Texas BBQ famous. The Lone Star State makes BBQ bigger and has a signature style that sets it apart from other locations.

The first thing that you will notice is the choice of beef over pork. Texans genuinely believe that a well-cooked beef bbq packs more flavor than other types of meat.

Most bbq masters still cook over wood fire than gas or charcoal. The fires burn slow and low, which makes the cooking last for up to 20 hours.

If you are looking for a unique bbq catering service in Dallas, you can check a good one below.

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Lockharts Smoke House

Your Dallas event wouldn’t be complete without guests savoring the

mouth-watering BBQ that Texas is famous for.

Lockhart Smoke House has full-service catering for birthdays, dinners, anniversaries, graduations, office meetings and more.

Their restaurants also provide rental space and in house catering.

Savor their brisket, ribs, and sausage smoked over Texas post oak. Beer is a perfect match for your BBQ, draft, and ice-cold bottles abound. A full bar is also available with specialty cocktails served for non-beer drinkers.

They are the only place in DFW that serves Kreuz Market Sausage in the original butcher paper.

Hors D’oeuvres Catering Dallas

A party is always known for finger food. Hors d’oeuvres are bite-sized items that are served before the main course. They usually go with cocktails and are served on trays or at a table.

Cocktail parties are the popular events where these appetizers are served where a full dinner is not part of the menu.

hors devours catering dallas

Guests should be provided with a small plate and napkin so they can enjoy their hors d’oeuvres and disposal should also be taken into consideration.

Eating is done while standing and mingling with other guests.

Looking for a catering service in Dallas that specializes in hors d’oeuvres? Check out Lush Catering.

Lush Catering Company

A company that specializes in all forms of catering from breakfasts to large exclusive events in Dallas, they have done it all.

Their mission is to satisfy clients with food and service that they will talk about way after the event is over.

Lush offers an extensive menu for hors d’oeuvres.

Satisfied clients have been raving about their food and excellent service. Food is delicious, and their staff dresses well and are true professionals.

The team of Victor and Eva has been doing a great job, and many customers are taking notice.

Christmas Catering Dallas

Christmas is that time of year when we celebrate with good food and great company.

Feasting is common practice during the holiday season with families setting up Christmas trees as part of the tradition.

Everyone expects to have a grand meal to share with friends and family. The Christmas meal is made up of snacks, drinks, and a main course that is fit for a king.

In the past, families would be found slaving in the kitchen so they can serve their guests on this special occasion. The good news is, seasoned caterers can now do the preparation and cooking for you.

Food Beyond The Box

The holidays are fast approaching, and you might be stressed about what to feed your guests this Christmas.

Holiday Catering is one of the specialties of Beyond the Box Catering. You can now sit back and relax as they provide full-holiday buffets for your holiday party.

All you need to do is give them details about your plans and they will help make that plan come to fruition.

Check their holiday menus and recipes and book them for Home Delivery Catering during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Make your holidays more memorable and less stressful. Enjoy good food and more time with your family. Book a Holiday caterer and experience the difference.

Restaurants That Cater In Dallas

From being a cowboy country, Dallas has blossomed into one of the fastest-growing cities in  America today.

The dining scene is also on an upswing with various restaurants offering diverse cuisine and catering services.

Many restaurants are now reaching out beyond their establishments to build their business. It is now common for restaurants that cater in Dallas to offer both in house and off-premise catering services.

The off-premise catering industry is growing at a fast pace, and many restaurant owners have taken notice. They now bring their food to their customers instead of waiting for them to visit them.

Fajita Petes – Mexican Food Catering Company

The owner of Fajita Pete’s hit the jackpot when he applied the catering service idea to his already successful Mexican restaurant business.

Dallas folk craved for high-quality Fajitas delivered right to their doorstep, which led to the launching of Fajita Pete’s in 2008.

Deliveries were made to parties, office meetings, and anniversaries. The convenience and excellent food made Fajita Pete’s a household name all over Dallas.

Famous Fajitas are grilled upon order and comes with Mexican rice, beans, tortillas, jalapenos, onions, cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce, guacamole, chips, and salsa.

They offer Bulk Catering, Flex Catering, and Full Catering Services.

Lunch Catering Dallas

Boxed lunch catering is becoming a trend nowadays in Dallas. The days of sitting alone at your desk while eating your lunch are over.

This fabulous idea of lunch catering can be quite a team-building experience. Taking a break with office teammates can build team morale and increase office productivity.

You can now enjoy a meal with your team by availing of lunch catering services in Dallas.

Get on-time delivery, yummy food, with set up and clean up all included so that you can focus on the business at hand.

Boost that team spirit now by having lunch together using a lunch catering service.

Celebrity Cafe And Bakery – Dallas Catering Company

Celebrity Cafe and Bakery can serve your corporate and event lunch catering needs in the Dallas area.

With over 30 years of experience, you can expect the best in Catered Box Lunches that will surely make your event a success.

They can cater to groups of any size, from 10 to 1,000 people. Full-catering services are available, and a catering menu can be viewed online through their website.

One of a few catering services in Dallas that also offer freshly baked goods and breakfast catering.

Book them now for boxed lunches or full-service catering and feel like a celebrity in Dallas.

Corporate Catering Dallas

Business owners impress clients and employees by holding office lunches, business dinners, or holiday parties.

Companies would always want to push their respective brands. This is why choosing a caterer that reflects your brand is essential.

Bad food can pull down your brand image and harm your company as a whole.

When you need to provide food and drinks for a business, choose only the best Dallas corporate catering services.

Catering is one way to reward your team for a job well done. You can also use the event to bring in new talent and impress prospective clients.

Freshella – Catering Company In Dallas

If you want to hire a catering company that has over 50 years of experience, then Freshella is the provider for you.

A full-service company that aims to give clients savory meals at affordable prices.

One of their specialties is delivering these gourmet meals right to your doorstep. Get amazing food prepared with only fresh and quality ingredients. Their chefs also use the latest cooking techniques for 100% customer satisfaction.

This is catering the Freshella way, where attention to detail and excellent service are core values.

How much does it cost to hire a caterer in Dallas?

In the United States, event catering will cost you from between $500 to thousands of dollars based on the size of the party and catering services required.

Full-service companies can come up with a custom menu using your ideas. They will provide food and hospitality for various events like birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, holiday parties, company lunches, corporate events, baby showers, and all other events that you can think of.

Professional caterers can take your event to the next level. Food quality and excellent service are what you can expect during your party, and your guests will surely remember.

You wouldn’t want your party to be remembered due to inadequate food and poor service? Hiring the right caterer can ensure that everything will go smoothly.  

How much you spend on catering services also takes into consideration the season, supply rentals, additional services, and level of service.

Your caterer has to include staffing, time for shopping and cooking food, venue set up plus insurance, and marketing as part of business costs.

Many customers only look at the food and never consider the process that goes into catering.

When clients realize the work that needs to be done behind the scenes, they will start to appreciate the time and savings they got when they hire a caterer compared to doing it all by themselves.

How much do caterers charge per hour?

Typically, caterers charge clients per head rather than per hour.

Cooking done by professional chefs help you eat better as you request healthy and delicious meals to be prepared for you.

Some caterers charge $30 to $40 per hour, which includes meal planning, shopping, and meal preparation. You don’t have to worry about anything; all you have to do is eat.

Organizing an event is no easy task. You need to put together different suppliers and plan logistics so that everything runs according to the budget.

The cost of the waitstaff is also charged per hour. Caterers may add a markup of $5 per hour per staff member. The minimum payment per staff is four hours per event.

Caterers are better off pricing per head than per hour; keeping costs and markups are more manageable if done per head.

How do you choose a caterer for an event?

The best way to choose a caterer for your event is by sampling their food and service through an event you attend.

This first-hand experience will give you an idea of what to expect. You can also ask for referrals from family and friends.

You might have a favorite restaurant which may offer catering services, that would be a good idea as well.

You can also look for caterers on top review sites to check on local reviews. Things to ask a catering service provider before hiring them:

  • Ask for updated health certifications and certificates.
  • How long have they been in the business? Years of experience
  • Can they do food preparation for dietary and religious concerns?
  • Where do they source their ingredients? Fresh or frozen foods?
  • Where do they prepare the food? Check on the cleanliness of the place
  • Are they licensed to serve alcoholic drinks?
  • How do they transport food?

Food sampling and tasting should always be a part of your selection process. Ask for a tasting of each course you plan to have including side dishes and desserts.

Schedule the tasting close to your event date so you can taste what’s in season.

How much does it cost to cater for 100?

Wedding couples dream about lavish royal weddings with an unlimited budget, but in reality, not everyone is Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle. We don’t have $43 million to spend on our big event.

Pricing for an event will vary depending on the type of event, cuisine, and the number of guests.

Let’s take wedding catering, for example, the average costs all over the country is $70 per person for sit down service. If you invite 100 guests, then you will spend $7,000 for your catering service. You should add $15 per head if you include drinks so that would come up to $85 per head for food and drinks and $8,500 total for 100 guests.

Most wedding receptions for 100 guests cost between $5,000 to $10,000. This includes food, staffing, alcohol, and rentals.

Rentals include dinner plates, linens, bread plates, glassware, flatware, and cake plates.

Food trucks are now a trend in the catering industry, and the cost will be relatively lower per person. You can expect a rate of $20 to $35 per person for food truck catering which will cost you from $2,000 to $3,500 for 100 guests.

Private parties that have less than 50 guests may incur a minimum charge of $1,000

How much does full-service catering cost?

Full-service catering can mean different service styles across a wide range of events.

Usually, a full-service package includes set up of tables, chairs, linens, and service of plated meals. You also have bartending services and complete clean up after the event.

Other caterers can offer full-service packages that don’t include set up and take down. This is not considered full-service catering.

As with any catering event, prices will vary based on the number of guests, event type, timing, and location.

Average pricing for full-service catering is around $40 per person for a plated meal and $28 per person for the buffet.

Corporate lunches are priced at $35 per person for a plated meal and $25 for the buffet.

Full-service catering is the more expensive option for your event, but if you are on a tight budget, there are other alternatives you can choose.

A buffet will lower your cost, and if you are more adventurous, you can try food truck catering or drop-off catering. If you don’t mind doing clean up and other maintenance tasks, then these options are the best for your limited budget.

What does catering service include?

Having an event can be stressful, especially if you have to do all the planning and preparation.

This is why hiring a catering service company is a great idea.

Food catering services focus on set up, food preparation, menu, cooking, delivery, service, and clean up.

Full-service caterers may also include rentals as part of their packages which include linens, glasses, silverware, china, and all other dining essentials.

While other companies may offer event planning services, this service is not included in full-service catering.

In this situation, you need to have an event coordinator or do everything yourself from rentals, decor, gift collection, and delivery.

Every added service increases the cost of food catering services. It would help if you thought about DIY options like asking friends and family to help out with hospitality instead of hiring professional staff.

For small and private events, you can impress your guests with food catering delivery or buffet style set up.

These catering providers deliver the food, and you take care of the rest.

For larger and more formal events, full-service catering services are recommended to minimize or avoid any event emergency. It helps to have professionals like bartenders, kitchen staff, and servers running the show.

Event captains will oversee your catering team to make sure that everything is running like clockwork.

How to hire a caterer for a wedding

Weddings are usually large and extravagant events that surely requires full-service catering services.

It’s no surprise that a high percentage of engaged couples choose full-service due to the complexity of the event at hand.

Worrying about wedding planning and preparations are the last thing a couple wants, and catering companies are the best choice to handle everything.

Imagine having to transform your ceremony area to reception and then dance floor after dinner that would be a nightmare for the couple and their family if they were to do it themselves.

The first step in hiring a wedding caterer is asking family and friends for referrals if you don’t have a choice yet.

Once you have narrowed down the choices, set up a food tasting, and ask for a quote.

A good wedding caterer can prepare any type of food couples would want. From Italian to Middle Eastern cuisine, food should be as delicious no matter what cuisine is picked.

They should also be experts at setting up your tables and chairs, provide professional staff, serve food on time, clean up dining and kitchen area, and take away the garbage.

If you feel like some tasks can be done DIY then go for it, it will bring down the total cost of the catering service.

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