bbq catering dallas

BBQ Catering Dallas – Ultimate Guide 2019

BBQ Catering Dallas

How much does bbq caterer cost in Dallas?

BBQ is part of the Texas lifestyle and it’s no surprise that Bbq caterers are in demand when there are events and parties to celebrate.

Weddings, birthdays, graduations, corporate events, you name it, food preparation is one of the most important aspects of your planning. BBQ catering is one of the best options you can have for your event.

Just like any other catering service, prices for BBQ catering in Dallas would depend on many factors. 

You need to consider how many guests you expect to have, how fancy your food will be and the type of service you require.

Texas bbq is a unique way of preparing meat where the meat literally “falls off the bone.”

bbq catering dallas

For those who are not familiar with bbq, it refers to the slow process of cooking meat.

What makes Texas flavours unique is the hickory, oak and pecan woods they use for cooking beef. They emit a smoky flavour that is synonymous to Texas bbq. 

Bbq catering companies provide high-quality meats on their menu. Aside from beef, you can also have pulled pork, turkey breast, ham, smoked chicken and sausage.

Best BBQ Catering in Dallas

It would be an understatement to say that Texas is a place where bbq is revered. If you have the most number of bbq joints in America with 2,238 restaurants, you know that they take bbq seriously.

It would be close to impossible to find a Texan town without a bbq joint.

One thing that separates Texas bbq from the rest is the preference of choosing beef over pork. You can’t convince a Texan that any other meat packs more flavour than a slow-cooked piece of beef.

For those who want to savour the best Texas bbq, you have to visit the Bbq capital of Texas. Lockhart is home to some of the most popular bbq restaurants in the world like Smitty’s and Black’s BBQ.

You can’t go wrong when you choose a bbq caterer from this part of Texas. 

Larger establishments use gas to assist them in cooking due to the higher volume of orders. If you prefer the old fashioned way of cooking using hardwood you can choose a caterer that accommodate your request.

It’s not as simple as putting a piece of meat over hardwood to cook, there is a unique method involved that has been passed down from generations of pitmasters.

For bbq purists out there, beef brisket is always served dry. Using sauce over the meat messes up the flavours.

Beef ribs are a popular choice for bbq due to its intense flavour and taste.

Long lines are proof that Texas bbq is here to stay, it remains a large part of the Texan tradition.

Lockhart BBQ Catering Company In Dallas

Still thinking about what type of food to serve for your party or event? Why not include mouth-watering Texas bbq as part of your menu?

Lockhart is known for being the bbq capital of Texas, and probably the world as well.

Named after the bbq capital, Lockhart Smokehouse lives up to the hype. They do not disappoint and the good news is you don’t have to go to Lockhart to enjoy the amazing taste and flavours that customers have loved.

They now have a branch in the Greater Dallas area where people can dine and avail of catering services.

Many Texans consider their bbq as the most authentic Central Texas-style bbq in town.

Lockhart BBQ Catering Menu

Post oak is the wood that is used for cooking bbq here, they are also one of the few places that serve fresh bbq sauce. 

They also carry the famous Kreuz Market’s famous sausages. 

Their catering menu showcases all of the favourites so you don’t have to worry about variety.

Food sampling is mandatory before you decide on the menu for your event.

You can choose a full-service catering package or a more budget-friendly pickup or drop off option.

Cooking for many guests can be a huge undertaking, Lockhart Smokehouse can do everything for you so that you can enjoy your party with your guests.

They can do birthdays, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, graduations, office lunches, corporate events and backyard parties.

If you are still looking for a location, why not pick their restaurant and have them cater your event?

Pecan Lodge Catering In Dallas

For those living in Texas, Pecan Lodge is a name that is always connected with Bbq. The name came from a ranch that the owners had in Abilene.

A family recipe that is based on old tradition rather than the latest trends has turned this bbq joint into one of the best bbq places in the world.

Their Bbq pit burns 24 hours a day using only wood for cooking. Most of their food are made from scratch to ensure freshness and quality. 

A beautiful restaurant that offers bbq catering for all your event needs. 

The meat is smokey and tender, meat juice comes out after every bite. 

Savour every moment of your event with your friends and family. 

Pecan Lodge Catering service will do all the food preparation and cooking for you. 

If you are having a hard time looking for a party location, you can bring your party to their restaurant.

They can host weddings, business meetings, family parties and any other event you can think of.

Pecan Lodge Catering Menu

Customers are raving about Pecan Lodge and the great reviews just keep on coming. Food was given an exceptional rating all across the menu.  The price and quantity of the servings are also customer favourites.

They are closed on Mondays so make sure to plan your trip. Lines can be long but they move quickly. 

Satisfied customers don’t mind even if they have to wait for an hour before they can get served. Employees are gracious and kind just like the owners.

Justin and Diane Fourton have made the best decision to leave the corporate world and bring Pecan Lodge into our lives.

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